It’s happened! My daughter’s and my best friend left.

In the beginning.

A long time ago and a very different me, went to collect my daughter from school and her teacher release my daughter and another girl to me.

Her teacher had been convinced by the two of them that they were having a sleep over at my house that evening.

I had never seen this girl in my daughter’s class before. I certainly had no idea who their parents were.


Confused about the whole situation I had a word with the teacher. Who confirmed that yes, Gwenny was coming to my house tonight.

As I was slowly walking away from the school with random child and Amelia. I started wondering if I had agreed that Gwenny was coming to mine that night.

After all I have been known to forget details like that before.

Then I heard someone call out “Gwenny! How did you enjoy school?”

Looking for the person that knew this munchkin, I met Catherine. This was Gwenny’s mum.

I felt so awkward asking her if I had arranged for her daughter to stay at mine, as this is what I had just been informed by the teacher.

Thankfully, Catherine looked as shocked as I did. This was not the case. If fact, our two had been like Siamese twins for the past 3 days and managed to convince everyone that this was the case that when he was coming to my house, for a sleepover.

For the past three years

Catherine and I became as close as did Amelia and Gwenny.

For us we delt with the highs and lows of being married with young children and not working. The girls delt with school life and all the emotional difficulty that comes with it.

As the children grew, her and my youngest started playing together and whatever life through at us, we supported each other.

It was quite a roller coaster but we got through some of the toughest challenges. Even challenged ourselves to walk the hill. At least once a week. Tough hill, not for the faint hearted.

Time to get out

Things were getting more difficult financially for Catherine and her family. Between them they made their decision to sell their house. Not expecting it to sell any time soon. Due to the previous owner had it on the market for years.

Within a week of the house going on the market the first offer came in and they turned it down, not meeting the amount advertised. After all it was little under a week their house had been for sale. Half hour later, the asking price was met. As well as the realisation that they have to move from this house sooner than they thought.

Having their last Christmas there and by New Year’s Eve into a rented home, while they searched for a suitable home for themselves.

Since that point it has been a count down until Gwenny and Catherine were gone.

Last term of school

To Catherine’s amazement, she got a job in a local school. Things were looking up at last. Even her flowers had started to bloom. Those flowers she brought with her to her old house and while living there, hasn’t grown and certainly did not flower.

A house that they had visited and liked, accepted their offer. Once the paperwork and other details had fallen into place, preparation to move had begun.

Last week of term

Her husband had spent a week at the new house and trying to turn it into a home ready for the weekend when all their belongings were turning up.

Tuesday, I looked after Gwenny for the last time. And for a non-hugging child, she actually did. Even though Gwenny was excited about her new home and school, which she is to start in September. Amelia was nothing but miserable. Her best friend in the whole world was moving away and facing the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see her. Just hit her hard.

Poor Amelia has cried so many times over losing her friend. That it didn’t really hit home to me until Thursday, when we all met up after school, one last time.

I’ve never been the soppy one. In fact, you could usually best on me to be the least emotional. Mainly because I try not to let anyone get attached to me. Never mind get attached to others.

I couldn’t say goodbye. I choked up and tears rolled down both cheeks. Crikey what had happened to me? I was losing someone that has not only been apart of my life but had impacted it to the core.

But she wanted to make things better for her family and by golly she did it!

I can only wish her and her family the very best for the future. And even though I won’t be able to see her as often. She is still a wonderful friend.

Friday, Catherine collected Gwenny from the school for the last time and we all said goodbye. Catherine welled up and her reactions immediated mine from the day before.

Then they drove off.

And now

Life carries on. Summer holidays are now upon us. We are already planning on visiting Catherine and Gwenny during the holidays.

Gwenny and Amelia will be working on their handwriting by sending postcards to each other.

So the next school year is going to be somewhat of a challenge for Amelia. As she’ll have to become friends with someone else.

Think this means that I’m going to have to face that I too will have a challenging time ahead. I won’t be able to just pop over to see Catherine and right the world as to speak, over a coffee and cake.

I’m going to miss that very much. Yes I was talking about the cake 😂

Have you been in a similar situation? Have you moved and left some great friends because of work? Maybe your child has moved school or their best friend has moved to another school? Share your experiences and how you felt and coped with the changes. I would love to hear.

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